Saturday, 21 December 2013

Do you know what radiologists do?

I hope you are all having a peaceful stress-free final Saturday before Christmas! At this time of year I look back and think about what I have achieved in the previous 12 months and start planning what I want to achieve in the year ahead.

One of my main aims for 2014 is to increase the content on my website/blog. I would really like to increase public awareness of what it is that us radiologists actually do. Radiology or scanning is one of the most important parts of modern medicine, but many patients don't know a great deal about types of scans or what the scanners are capable of doing. So I'm going to put some effort into trying to showcase what we can do and why it matters. Radiology is an incredibly visual specialty, so instead of boring with you long essays, I'll share as many interesting images as possible. 

This is the first of many: a rotating virtual 3D model of the body, made by computing the information from a CT scan. It's amazing how we can display this data: look at the detail of the bones and the main artery that runs through the body, the aorta. The data can be manipulated in so many other ways, to show selected organs or blood vessels for example. This becomes useful when planning certain types of surgery, or useful to teach anatomy to medical students.

Have a look through some of the other posts under "Images and news" for more radiology images, and check out the Contact page for information on how to keep up to date with my news.

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Dr Vikas Shah
Consultant Radiologist
Leicester, UK

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