Monday, 29 December 2014

The xray doctor's 2014 in review

It's that time of the year to look back - and looking back its been a great 12 months for me. Here are some of my highlights:
My collaboration with international pelvic floor experts Tracy Sher and Sherrie Palm. I wrote an article with Tracy about investigations for bowel problems, which most patients who see their doctor for pelvic floor problems will undergo at some point in their journey. I joined the advisory board of APOPS, the founder and president of which is the ever-enthusiastic Sherrie Palm. Sherrie has worked endlessly to push the agenda of pelvic floor health globally, and I hope the campaigns she has created for 2015 really push this important topic even further into the sight of healthcare officials.

I ramped up my teaching efforts this year too. As well as contributing several cases to the new #FOAMRad (Free Open Access Medical Education in Radiology) initiative, and to the new @FOAMRad account, I have also written a few cases for Radiopaedia. There is a gap in the provision of on call and emergency radiology teaching so I created and successfully ran the first Leicester On Call Radiology Course. This course is unique in its delivery, with every delegate having the opportunity to review over 100 cases on individual iMac workstations.

Undergraduate radiology training is deficient in many centres and needs a wholesale change in approach. With an incredibly driven junior doctor Melisa Sia, I have started writing and hope to publish an iBook on radiology for medical students in 2015.

My other main radiology education project for 2015 is my new "xray of the week" series. I'll actually try to post more than just xrays, including interesting and educational CT, MRI and nuclear medicine images. We live in times when technology enables us to teach and learn at any time, in any place and using a variety of platforms. The #FOAMRad  project will really take off in 2015 and I hope to play my part.

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