Friday, 2 October 2015

xrayoftheweek 39: what's your diagnosis?

The #xrayoftheweek is this panel of 2 images - can you work out the diagnosis from these images?

The answer is Marfan syndrome. This is a genetically transmitted connective tissue disease with disordered collagen formation, causing multiple systems to be involved. 

The left image shows a dilated aortic root - aortic pathologies in Marfan syndrome include aortic regurgitation, coarctation, dissection and aneurysm formation. 

The right image shows a lumbosacral junction acute kyphosis and scalloping of the posterior aspect of the vertebral bodies, a sign of dural ectasia. 

There are many more imaging findings in Marfan syndrome - this Radiographics article provides an excellent overview of the multisystem manifestations.

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