About Dr Vikas Shah


I am a Consultant Radiologist specialising in gastrointestinal and colorectal imaging.

I attended the Royal Free and University College Medical School, and following general medical training, commenced training in radiology at the Imperial College Hospitals NHS Trust (Charing Cross, Hammersmith and St Mary's Hospitals). I received specialist training in oncology (cancer) imaging at Mount Vernon Hospital and in pelvic floor and colonic imaging at St Marks Hospital. I commenced my consultant post at University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust in October 2011. 

My main areas of clinical interest are:
  • colorectal imaging, including CT colonography for the exclusion of colonic cancer and polyps
  • small bowel imaging, including MRI and ultrasound for the assessment of Crohn's disease
  • pelvic floor imaging with endoanal ultrasound and both xray and MRI proctography, for the assessment of symptoms such as bowel prolapse, incontinence and difficulty in opening bowels
  • general CT, MRI and ultrasound imaging of the abdomen and pelvis for non-specific abdominal pains, weight loss, gallstones, and liver and kidney disease

I am interested in medical education and am involved in the organisation of several radiology courses. I taught on a body MRI course in Sydney in August 2016 and in Dubai in September 2017. In October 2017, I co-hosted an Abdominal Emergency Radiology Course in Leicester for Radiopaedia, having become an editor of this site earlier in the year. In June 2018, I will host my 5th Emergency Imaging Course, in partnership with JCA Seminars. 

Outside of work, I am kept very busy by my two young children. I enjoy broadening my horizons by travelling, and am attempting to gain some culinary skills!

On this website, as well as my contact details (click Contact tab above), you will find a blog with radiology images that are interesting, have educational value and showcase the imaging services I can provide.

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The information provided on this site does not constitute medical advice. I cannot provide medical advice by email communication. It is always advisable to discuss any medical matters with your GP or hospital consultant in the first instance. I provide second opinions exclusively through my diagnose.me page.